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TINCTURES X The Sounds Within

TINCTURES WHO? Tinctures is Aman Mahajan on piano and Nishad Pandey on electric guitar respectively. Whilst this combination of resonant strings (albeit with different mechanics) might seem tame and predictable, their music bends, frays, ebbs and flows unlike your typical sonic diet—their sound(s) resemble the taste and fragrance of what you might imagine an old tincture to be, perhaps even have the same kind of effects on your body and mind. Whether it's an emotional twang or a pain whose intonation you aren't sure of, Tinctures' music will offer you solace or some form of stimulus if consumed correctly. tincture | ˈtɪŋ(k)tʃə |

1. a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol: the remedies can be administered in form of tinctures | [mass noun] : a bottle containing tincture of iodine. • British informal an alcoholic drink: he's a rough diamond, especially after a tincture or two. 2. a slight trace of something: she could not keep a tincture of bitterness out of her voice.

You can catch a glimpse of them here, but wait & read through, there's loads of material to cover:

SO...WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? The Sounds Within have partnered with Tinctures to bring you their 2 sided LP "Heads & Tales" in India via BandCamp as singles. The tunes are scheduled to release on some of the Fridays leading up to August 28th, 2020, when the full album will be released internationally via wismART records. We will also be bringing you some bonus (think music videos, educational material on improvised music and perhaps even some irreverent wit?) material in the coming weeks, so it is advised that you stay in touch with us in some way of your choosing: - This is their digital homepage, you can sign up for their newsletter to get special perks during promotional events. - If you go here, you'll be able to snag some wall papers for you phone in their stories. The artworks for each track are in collaboration with the photography of Shailpik Biswas, and strive to capture many layers of philosophy, history and sentiment of the music they represent. - Well Facebook...everyone's just kinda there, so why not?

OK, I'M CONNECTED, WHERE ARE THE GOODS, WHAT'S THE DEAL? As you know, the world is spinning a little funny right now, and the typical role of gigging has been compromised and as such their primary source of revenue at the moment for this project stands to be through digital sales... You might be wondering why the music isn't available for streaming - well, it will be, when the album drops, but also because it is a very feeble revenue stream (lol, get it?). You might want a physical copy of the CD or the artworks of the singles, and you should definitely message them and let them know (they've got good ears to hear you out). Now you can get the music in high quality and listen to it in your own time in your own comfortable space, at your own volume, whilst petting your cat at about Rs. 100 per track (or more if you feel generous). You could think of it as buying the guys a couple of beers or coffees in exchange for a few tunes. They really deserve this if you ask me... BUY HERE:

Another way to support Tinctures would be to help them reach a wider audience with a quick and simple share! Word of mouth is a powerful factor in an artist’s journey towards world domination Here are all the tracks released so far, and please come back for more:

(Pssst...There's a whole video and page dedicated to Tag - CLICK THIS)

You really want more? Of course you's a couple of secret videos you can't find too easily - HERE & HERE Thank you for your time, attention, patience and support!!


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