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Founded by Akhil Kodamanchili in 2015, The Sounds Within is a platform for Interdisciplinary Artist Development with a focus on authenticity & sustainability by building Community to impact Culture through Collaboration.

We believe that every artist always has more potential that is yet to be unlocked, and at The Sounds Within, we provide support and direction to reach musical destinations not yet on the map.

We provide artist development and end-to-end creative solutions from music composition, production [pre + post], artwork, design, video [live + scripted] and consultation for projects looking to push boundaries at fair and affordable prices. 



Bring your song ideas to life with our personalised production services : whether you're a singer-songwriter or a full band, we take your music to the next level. We don't believe in genres, so come as you are!


We bring your videos that extra dimension composing music and designing sounds that enhance every scene and story. From film to ad jingles, and even voice overs, if you've got a unique project, let us know!


Got a great song, but you need a slick video to go with it? Looking for custom art work for your album or tour? Need a logo? We got you covered with forward thinking ideas and witty plots!

Ready to make some great art? Write to us with an overview of your project & specify any details you think we need to know to best work with you, and we'll get back to you with a quote. 


Please note that we can take on limited clients based on available producers to ensure high quality output. 



From documenting our formative initial performances, to promoting our music and helping us design our album, to following and encouraging our creative process as we conceptualize new material, Akhil and Navneeth continue to support us in our journey as we navigate the rocky terrain of playing fairly abstract and often improvised music as a piano-guitar duo. A hearty thank you to The Sounds Within for their continued support in nurturing creative instrumental music.

From the initial stages of my career, The Sounds Within has given me the right confidence boost I’ve needed to put my music out. It helps me focus more on writing my music, rather than worrying about the output.

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