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Sidharth Bendi's Lost EP is an evolution in electro/dream pop - growing out of a more sugary sound, Bendi explores heavier themes and approaches songwriting from a more cynical point of view though he does maintain a degree of brooding that seems signature to his sound. "How Long?" is a gross departure in subject matter where the song explores an existential pallet of lyrics and sonically shifts away from most things conventional, while "You Man" is a follow up to "Don't Mind It" from his debut album One in a Million. The record lures you in with "Phases", Bendi's entry into the foray of instrumental music and leaves with a platonic call for hope with "Don't Let It Go". The title song "Lost", is in many ways a homage and progression in tone from "One" from his debut record that most readily grabs you by the feels and takes you places. Listen to the album via:

Watch "Lost" here:


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